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Animal Imaging Research (AIR) is an engineering company that specializes in the custom design and production of radio-frequency coils for use in magnetic resonance imaging systems for a broad range of preclinical applications.  Products include coils and restrainers for rodents and non-human primates adapted for use in clinical and preclinical scanners ranging from 1.5T to 11.7T.  AIR is the only company in the world that provides technology and methods for functional imaging in awake animals.


"Advances in the development of radiofrequency electronics, pulse sequences, 3D MRI atlases, data analysis tools and provocation paradigms are helping to make awake animal imaging an important method in neuroscience research.  The neuroanatomical fidelity within and across animals makes it possible to reconstruct distributed, integrated neural circuits or finger prints that reflects the cognitive and emotional aspects of particular behaviors."  ~ Craig Ferris

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